5G Application

The everyday lives of our customers will be enhanced by 5G’s higher speed, stable connectivity and low-latency features. Examples include greater accuracy for driverless car systems, a far better experience when streaming ultra-HD content and use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications when gaming via the cloud.

csl customers can explore a universe of entertainment and enjoy spectacular audio-visual effects

MOOV 24 Bit Music Service

Music lovers may enjoy Hong Kong’s first 24 bit FLAC lossless streaming music service*, with music tracks available in both studio master version and upsampled version, to be offered by MOOV.
*According to MOOV's internal survey of 8 major music streaming platforms operating in Hong Kong. As of March 16, 2020, MOOV is the first and only music streaming platform that provides 24 bit FLAC lossless music in its mobile app, contents include studio master version and upsampled version.

csl. 5G Lens

Users are able to experience a different world by utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) technology, including various demonstrations of AR visual effects over well-known Hong Kong landmarks. Users can also receive offers and information from our partners in real-time.

Now E Premier League and LaLiga 2020/21 4K Season Pass

Football fans may watch exclusive live coverage of Premier League and LaLiga with selected matches broadcast in 4K streaming quality.

csl. 5G VR eSports

Here’s a new way of playing mobile games. Equip yourself with our VR device and enter the fascinating world of virtual reality gaming.

5G customers exclusive! Play the “Trendiest” mobile game with hassle-free data

5G customers are exclusively enjoy to play the Trendiest” mobile game with hassle-free data! This service will be launched in May, please keep eyes on us!

5G common applications

Ultra high speed
20 times faster than maximum 4G download speeds.
Ultra-low latency
Latency of less than one-thousandth of a second.

Live 4K football streaming

Greater network speed and low-latency performance will make live streaming of content in 4K resolution eminently possible, so we can watch live football action in fine detail while on the move.

24 bit high-resolution audio

5G will make streaming more efficient. The advantage of 24 bit resolution over the MP3-standard 16 bit format is music will be delivered with significantly enriched sound. Service providers are already developing high-resolution music-streaming capabilities to be delivered to end users via 5G networks.

Cloud gaming

This refers to a game that resides on a company’s server, rather than a gamer’s device. He or she can then play the game after installing a client program that can access the server on which the game is running. Gamers therefore need not wait for an entire game to download before playing. And they always have access to the latest version, without having to worry about upgrades to a game.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

5G technology will massively increase network capacity and reduce latency. AR applications enable intensive processing to be offloaded to the cloud, enabling manufacturers to design smaller devices.

Live streaming

5G technology reinvents the concept of live streaming and will deliver an entirely refreshing experience. For example, you could attend a concert and watch from multiple angles via a smartphone. Or you could wear an augmented reality (AR) headset at a lecture in order to ask questions and get responses and images in real time.
Ultra-low latency
Latency of less than one-thousandth of a second.

Driverless cars

A 5G network will be capable of transmitting messages between sensors and the computer in each driverless car, so entire decisions can be made by a vehicle in as little as 2 milliseconds – all in the best interests of safer and smarter motoring.

* CSL Mobile limited (“CSL”) does not endorse nor guarantee third-party applications. Such applications offered by third parties are not CSL products and their use depends on compatibility of programs, products and service provision. Not all applications are available from CSL.