Game-changing 5G mobile Internet connectivity will enable csl to make the everyday lives of customers potentially smarter and healthier, as well as more convenient and enjoyable. This ground-breaking technology facilitates higher speeds and lower latency, with the capability to connect exponentially more devices and innovative applications to make the Internet of Things (IoT) and “smart city” concepts a reality.

As Hong Kong's leading mobile service operator, we will continue to offer the best customer experience via the fastest connectivity and far-reaching network coverage. Large public locations, such as MTR stations and lines, shopping malls and the airport, demand large capacity to meet a diversity of service requirements. With this in mind, we started building Hong Kong’s first all-fiber mobile network infrastructure in November 2018 for the lobby and platforms of the Shatin to Central Link line in order to provide a high-quality mobile broadband service. This will allow us to upgrade the network to 5G without additional cabling.

As Hong Kong’s premier mobile operator, we are able to deliver rich media content in conjunction with PCCW Limited, our parent company. We have also developed a one-stop IoT ecosystem through collaboration with a large group of partners and industry experts. And we established a “smart city” laboratory, in partnership with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), in November 2018. All these tie-ups will produce a richness of content and innovative 5G services to the benefit of our consumer and corporate customers.

Customers subscribing to a 5G service plan but using a 4G mobile device may not be able to benefit from 5G’s high-speed and low-latency advantages. The user experience will be delivered at 4G speed because of mobile phone restrictions.

5G data transfer speed specificaitons is up to 5 to 20 times faster than 4G's specificaiton. What’s more, 5G achieves ultra-low latency of less than one thousandth of a second.

Our 5G network will use spectrum in the 3.3Ghz, 3.5Ghz, 4.9Ghz and 26/28Ghz bands. In addition, we will refarm existing low-frequency spectrum bands in coming years to enhance 5G network performance

We are all using increasingly more mobile data, especially in terms of video and high-resolution music. The network chokes up when huge numbers of users use it at the same time. One of the many beauties of 5G technology is it will handle demands from massive numbers of devices with comparative ease.